Health Insurance

Health insurance is needed to handle catastrophic medical events whether from an accident or illness.

Having health insurance is important for several reasons. Uninsured people receive less medical care and less timely care, they have worse health outcomes, and lack of insurance is a fiscal burden for them and their families. Moreover, the benefits of expanding coverage outweigh the costs for added services. Safety-net care from hospitals and clinics improves access to care but does not fully substitute for health insurance.

The number one reason for someone filing for bankruptcy has been due to medical bills.  Protect yourself and your family for catastrophic events whether it’s due to an illness or accident, or even childbirth.

Take a few minutes to check out the various options to provide coverage,
based on your need and your budget.

OPTION 1 – Group Health Plans

If you are the owner of a real estate agency and have W-2 wage earners you qualify under Maryland law for a group plan. These plans offer guaranteed issue plans to your employees starting the first of every month. If you would like to speak with a healthcare specialist for a custom quote with a top rated carrier please call Jeff Mussolino at 301-791-4892 or email him at ieffmussolino@gmail.com.

OPTION 2 – Individual Health Plans (Affordable Care Act) better known as Obamacare

Under this option there is an Open Enrollment Period each year from November 1″ – December 15th . Individual plans can be purchased from top carriers with no medical underwriting and no pre-existing conditions. This is the most expensive individual option however. Outside of the Open Enrollment Period you can only have access to this option if you meet one of the 7 Qualifying Events listed below:

  1. You lose, or one of your dependents loses, health coverage that meets certain minimum standards under the Affordable Care Act:
  2. You get married or divorced
  3. You have a child by birth or adoption
  4. You become a U.S. citizen or gain lawful status in the U.S:
  5. You move to Maryland and have access to new health plans:
  6. You have a change in income or household status that affects your eligibility for financial assistance:
  7. You lose your employer sponsored health plan

OPTION 3 – Temporary Health Insurance Plans

Temporary health plans may be provided through the normal big health providers as well as other well-known reputable insurance carriers.  Historically, temporary health plans may only be in force for only 6-months.  Now, a temporary health plan may be in force for up to 3 years depending on state.

Benefits of a Temporary Health Plan:

  1. Saves on premium costs compared to the standard fully insured plan. May save up to 40% of the premiums of the fully insured plans.
  2. More plan options available compared to fully insured plans.
  3. Allows for cost effective coverage for people in-between jobs, and only needs coverage for a few months, or more, until new corporate coverage may be effective. Saves substantial dollars as compared to COBRA.

NOTE:  If you are on COBRA currently and wish to obtain temporary coverage, do not cancel coverage until you have been fully accepted.  The reason for this is that you, and anyone you wish to have covered, will need to medically qualify for the plan from an underwriting standpoint.  In other words, if you have a major health issue, stay where you are.

Click HERE to get a quote, or call 800-282-8626 to speak with a representative who can provide a comparison quote.

OPTION 4 – Direct Primary Care and/or Healthshare Plan

Looking for a health insurance alternative? For savings as much as 60% less off of a fully insured plan, check out the Direct Primary Care plan and Healthshare plan.  To learn more, simply click on the NEXT BENEFIT button below.