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Health Insurance

Coverage may be obtained through a variety of individual plans.  Some are fully insured program, temporary coverage, or through a cost share program along with guaranteed issue coverage.  Health plans are supported by a call center so that a greater understanding of what is the most cost-effective way to provide a solution to your needs.  Click below to explore the different program options in detail.


Direct Primary Care/Healthshare

This program has been created to provide an affordable alternative to typical major medical health plans. The need for healthcare is always there. Your ability to afford it, is not.  The program provides for preventative care, Telehealth, chronic disease management, drug discounts, plus many other discounts. Provides unlimited doctor consults with a $0 co-pay.  Healthshare component adds in additional hospitalization benefit at very affordable rates.


Accident Plan

Provides scheduled benefits for accidents.  Provides cash benefits for Doctor visit, urgent care, emergency room, hospitalization, surgeries, broken bones and dislocations, ambulance, burns, catastrophic accidental injuries, accidental death, plus many other benefits available.


Critical Illness Policy

Provides lump sum benefit for cancer, heart attack and stroke diagnosis, with a minimum of $10,000 benefit.  Other covered conditions at full benefit amount include, but not limited to:  brain tumor, coma, end stage renal failure, multiple sclerosis. Plan also pays a recurrence benefit as long as secondary diagnosis is separated by six months.  Once the individual signs up, they are locked in at the same age rate as long as they have the plan.


Disability Income Policy

We insure our homes, our cars, our lives, but often times we don’t insure our most important asset…our ability to make a living and bring in income. Insuring one’s income is vitally important. Also, choosing an affordable option to insure income is paramount. The disability plan offered provides coverage for any industry.


Life Insurance

Obtain peace of mind to protect those you love.  Guaranteed issue life insurance with face amounts up to $150,000.  Higher individual amounts available. Life insurance through your company may not be enough for your family’s needs.  Plus, you might not be able to take your insurance with you when you leave.


Dental Plan

Affordable dental plan which allows you to go to any dentist desired.  Plan pays 100% of negotiated fee for cleanings, routine exams and bitewing x-rays twice per year.   Rates vary by zip code. Click below to learn more about the comprehensive dental plan with Met Life.  All ages 18 and over accepted.


Short-Term Care

Most people have known someone who has had to have a home health care or a nursing home stay.  A Short-Term Care plan provides a daily benefit in the event of someone receiving home health care or nursing home care.  The plan rates are substantially less than the rates of a long term care plan and helps protects your assets.


Student Loan Reduction

Typically reduces student loan debt by 30% – 40% or more.  Savings provided through loan restructuring and federal debt forgiveness programs.  Works directly with existing federal programs to find the best solution for debt forgiveness wherever possible.  Credit repair program also available.



Allows purchase of over 50,000 products with no interest and divides up payments over a six-month period.  As a result, individual doesn’t have to incur interest charges through credit card debt, rental programs, or payday loans.


Identity Theft Protection

Helps protect your identity and credit.  Provides restoration as well as protection. 

  • Social Security Number Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Victim Assistance
  • Online “dark web” Monitoring
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • Identity Verification Alerts
  • Account Takeover Alerts
  • $1 Million Insurance* for covered losses and stolen funds

Premium Finance

Allows higher net-worth individual to obtain larger life insurance policies by having a bank pay 75% of your premiums over a 10 year period.  The end result…a very large life policy which provides you with tax-free retirement income and a death benefit for your heirs to pay estate taxes or provide for generational wealth transfer.


Ink & Toner

Provides substantial discounts on high production copying ink and toner cartridges.  Cartridges sent directly from manufacturer.



Eliminates taxes on Capital Gains, permanently defers payment of income taxes, complete asset protection from all court actions and provides anonymity on ownership of assets utilizing a special copyrighted trust.  The only copyrighted trust in existence with over 30,000 in use today and none have ever been penetrated for any reason. Ideal for individuals and businesses paying over $100,000 per year in taxes.


Medicare Supplement Plans

The gaps in Medicare are substantial, leaving you to pay for expensive deductibles and other uncovered expenses. If you don’t have a Medicare Supplement plan, often referred to as Medigap coverage, or a Medicare Advantage Plan, you’ll have to come up with the difference yourself.


Business Loans

Capital provided to start, grow, or expand a small business, start-ups are also eligible.  Participants in the grant-subsidized program, have access to a guaranteed $100,000 of capital from one or more of the following

  • Business Credit – leveraging EIN versus SSN, so no personal credit requirements.
  • Unsecured Business Financing – typically at 0% interest (reports on business credit vs. personal).
  • Pronto Business Loans – up to $40,000 in just five days (reports on business credit vs. personal).
  • Private Money – leveraging private investors without giving up any equity.
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) – loans including 7(a) Express Loans of up to $150,000 in just 15 days only requiring a 165 FICO SBSS or up to $5,000,000 for 504 loans.

This program also provides 100% financing for real estate purchases including rehab costs if needed. 


Medical Wellness Spa

Make Your Personal Care a Priority. Safe and Effective Service with Personalized Plans — Ageless Skin and Laser Center provides microneedling, Liquid Gold Face Lift, hair restoration for men and women with PRP, botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels, Silk Peel, Dermal infusion, NeoSkin, NeoClear, and laser hair removal.


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The Direct Primary Care Plan, (DPC) and Healthshare Plan offered, is NOT insurance.  Certain exclusions, exceptions, reductions, limitations, waiting periods and terms for keeping them in force, exist.    A quote of benefits does not guarantee coverage. Not everyone will qualify for all products/services offered herein.

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