FBCI Association Member Benefits

As a valued member of FBCI, members automatically receive the following health and wellness benefits, along with many valuable cost savings features and benefits as outlined below.

Health and Wellness Benefits with USHC

Predicting the Unpredictable

USHC’s PredictiMed™ has achieved the highest standing in the healthcare industry and has been validated to adhere to the highest standards of validity For Care Navigation PredictiMed™ validity and Population Health Management.

By utilizing a Health Risk Assessment, provided by US Health Center (USHC), their predictive model not only forecasts at risk populations by condition but also ties the projected cost exposure of each condition. This level of sophistication allows members to easily identify the most productive strategies to control the uncontrollable health plan costs. 

Utilizing our 3 simple steps can put you on the road to wellness within 6-8 weeks!

USHC provides tools and resources on an individualized and confidential Personal Health Dashboard TM dedicated to helping individuals protect their health. Participants start by completing these three simple steps:

The Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is a confidential online questionnaire about health and lifestyle habits. Upon completion, each participant receives a confidential profile that identifies major health risks, and highlights healthy habits and changes the participant can make to resolve health risks.

The Personal Health Dashboard will tailor interventions based on the risks of each person and engage everyone in wellbeing initiatives. At this stage, tools will target your specific risks using a library of written material, videos, physical activity tracking and behavior change modules for diet/nutrition, physical activity, smoking cessation and stress management.

Once you have completed the first two steps you will want to bring your results to your physician. This allows your physician to stay up to date with your results and advise of any treatment if necessary. It’s also a good time to ask any additional questions you may have regarding your health and go over any of your risks outlined in your Personal Health Assessment Profile.

Personal Health Dashboard™

After completing the HRA, participants will have a custom configured online personal health management system called Personal Health Dashboard™(PHD). Based on their health assessment results, this online tool allows participants to learn about their health risks and how they can modify their risks through Risk Resolutions Guidelines. Over time, participants are able to track changes in their assessment results so they can maintain and improve their personal health. Some features include:

  • View Risk Resolution Guidelines and Personal Health Assessment Report.
  • Track Vital Measurements.
  • Access Road to Wellness health education programs.
  • View Medical and Video Library.
  • Use Health Counts for incentive tracking, event registration and accessing important documents.
  • Use Health Tracker to track physical activity and other health behaviors. Activity can be tracked manually or by connecting your wearable device.
  • Use the Leaderboard for fun, motivating team and individual challenges.
  • View Observance Calendar and monthly HealtheNews newsletter under Health Reminders.
  • Discover products that promote well-being through our new HealtheMall. Some products include:
    HealtheWeight Program, DNA heart testing and much more!
  • Access PHD on any device. Search for Personal Health Dashboard (US HealthCenter / PredictiMed™)
    and install the app.

LIFELEGACY Financial & Behavioral Health Benefits

Live a better life. Save money doing it.

LifeLegacy is a collection of financial savings and behavioral health & wellness programs designed to take the financial pressure and stress out of your monthly budget while improving your relationships and your life.

From lowering your monthly bills to 0% interest loans for emergency purchases to student loan debt reduction … even earning cash for exercising — LifeLegacy makes it easier for you to save money.

INCLUDED IN MEMBERSHIP                Total Monthly Price Value: $65.00/mo 

This page contains FBCI Members-only benefits, not available to consumers


A relationship self-care app designed to help every relationship. Repair, grow + strengthen your marriage or committed relationship.


A mobile game that has been clinically tested to successfully teach you the skills you need to reduce stress + anxiety.


You upload your bills; we negotiate with your providers and lower your bills. No risk! If we save you money we split the savings with you 50/50. Over $5.0 million saved for our customers!


Resolve medication administration issues for your family and friends. Take the right amount at the right time and avoid 24% of all Emergency Room visits.


Work with our specialists to reduce your student loans up to 40% with an average savings of over $340 per month! Get a free evaluation with one of our financial advisors. There is a one-time payment to cover program fees—you only pay after loans have been reduced.


Get discounts on take-out at +57,000 restaurants across the USA, + 100’s of GROCERY COUPONS. Then, when we’re ready to travel again, get guaranteed lowest price for Hotels & resorts, plus discounts on all entertainment, too..


Shop millions of products and pay over time. Get up to $2,500 in credit. Pay no interest (that’s right, none). No membership fees and no obligation to buy once you’ve joined.


Earn cash and discounts on premium brand products for every calorie you burn. Plus, a full body scan to track goals, and a health score. Get paid to improve your health and fitness!


Get up to $100 a day 0% interest payday loans, plus instant overdraft protection, cash back at 100’s of retailers & restaurants, and a Medical bill negotiation service. 4 benefits in one.


REAL cash back on your online purchases from more than 1,400 stores, with exclusive discounts, plus 100’s of daily deals, specials and coupons.