Precription Plan

BestChoiceRX – Pharmacy Saver Discount Card Program – Create a unique group affiliated with a BIN and PCN specific to Sure-UP. No charge to member to use. 

BestChoiceRx Basic planwww.BestchoiceRx.com Our comprehensive discount site providing all our savings options. No charge to member to use. 

For ongoing brand name prescriptions, other cost saving benefits available.  

  • International Pharmacy:  Offers lower pricing for name-brand medications.  In many cases, one third of the retail price.
  • Prescription Assistance:  Works with pharmaceutical manufacturers, foundations, government and non-government entities to assist financially needs based individuals to pay for medication.   
  • Diabetic Supplies:  Discount on diabetic supplies.  If someone is unable to afford insulin or    diabetic prescriptions, then they may work with the Prescription Assistance portion. 

Rx Valet for Pets www.rxvaletforpets.com

Rx Valet for Pets Basic – Pet medication discount site will be linked to the BestchoiceRx.com site. Members will have access at no charge.


Rates below include all of the above benefits:
Family Monthly Premium
Primary $17.45/mo
Primary + Spouse $24.90
Primary + Children $24.90
Family $32.35