Vision Insurance

Eye exam for only $10 through network.  No waiting periods.  Pays up to $180 towards frames and up to $130 for contacts, plus other cost saving features.


Benefit Description Copay Frequency
Eye Exam Focuses on your eyes, vision and wellness $10 Every 12 months
Prescription Glasses Options Below - -
  • Pay no more than $25 for Exclusive Collection Frames at participating locations or
  • $130 Frame allowance at network locations or
  • $180 Frame allowance at Visionworks1
  • Plus 20% odd any amount over your allowance2
Included Every 24 months
Lenses and enhancements3
  • Clear plastic single-vision, bifocal, trifocal, or lenticular lenses
  • Polycarbonate lenses for dependent children
  • Tinting of Plastic Lenses
  • Scratch-Resistent Coating
$25 Every 12 months
Lens upgrades3
  • Polycarbonate lenses for adults
  • High-Index Lenses 1.67
  • High-Index Lenses 1.74
  • Polarized Lenses
  • Progressive Lenses (Standard / Premium / Ultra / Ultimate)
  • Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating (Standard / Premium / Ultra / Ultimate)
  • Ultraviolet Coating
  • Plastic Photochromatic Lenses (Transitions® SignatureTM)
  • Premium Scratch-Resistent Coating
  • Scratch-Protection Plan (Single-Vision / Multifocal)
  • Digital Single Vision Lenses
  • Trivex Lenses
  • Blue Light Filtering
  • $30
  • $55
  • $120
  • $75
  • $50/$90/$140/$175
  • $35/$48/$60/$85
  • $12
  • $65
  • $30
  • $20/$40
  • $30
  • $50
  • $15
Every 12 months
Prescription contacts4(instead of glasses)
  • 15% off fitting, evaluation and follow-up
  • $130 allowance for contacts
  • Plus 15% off any amount over your allowance2
 Every 12 months
Extra member savings (not insured benefits)
  • 15% off standard laser vision correction or 5% off promotional prices at the LasikPlus® locations nationwide.
  • No more than $39 on routine retinal imaging as an enhancement to an eye exam.
  • 30% off additional pairs of eye glasses.2
  • Free 1-yr. breakage warranty on your glasses - limitations apply.
Out-of-network coverage  
Exam............................$40 Single vision lenses..........$40 Trifocal lenses...............$80 Elective contacts............$105
Frame...........................$50 Bifocal/Progressive lenses...$60 Lenticular lenses............$100 Visually required contacts...$225


To check local providers, go to BrightBenefits.com and scroll down to the Eye Care Professionals and click on the BrightVision powered by Davis Vision, and then enter search information.
Family Monthly Premium
Primary $12.22/mo
Primary + Spouse $18.76/mo
Primary + Children $20.42/mo
Family $27.22/mo

1 Excludes Maui Jim® eyewear.
2 Some limitations apply to additional discounts; discounts not applicable at all in-network providers.
3 Spectacle lens option may not be available for all locations.
4 Contact lens coverage varies by product selection. Visually Required contact are covered in full with prior approval. Davis Vision has done its best to accurately reflect plan coverage herein. If difference exist between this document and the plan contract, the contract will prevail. Product may vary by state.

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