The Combo Plan

Designed to provide truly affordable healthcare,
with minimal out-of-pocket expenses.

The Combo Plan provides unique low-cost healthcare for individuals, and small businesses. As the name says, our program is a combination of “best in class” vendors, combined, to form one AMAZING program.

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Individual Concerns

  • Traditional health plan monthly premiums continue to go up with no expectations to slow down.
  • For individual health plans, historically people had to have high deductibles and/or high out-of-pocket expenses, just to make their health coverage affordable.  However, most people can’t afford thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for a hospital stay or surgery.
  • Some people go to the marketplace exchange for coverage.  The monthly cost might be subsidized but most can’t afford to go in the hospital due to high out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Some people make too much money and don’t qualify for a government subsidy. 

The #1 reason for bankruptcy in America (over 60%), has been “your” part of the medical bills. The other unfortunate truth is that most of these people had health insurance.

The solution to these concerns is the Combo Plan!

With the unique Combo Plan design, the individual can be admitted to the hospital, or have an outpatient surgery, and have no money out-of-pocket while enjoying savings on their monthly health care coverage cost!

  1. Healthshare – Number one rated healthshare for catastrophic coverage with unlimited annual and lifetime payouts. Individual may choose any hospital or medical care provider.
  2. Gap Plan – Pays the amount which healthshare doesn’t pay for hospital stays and out-patient surgeries (with general anesthesia).  Results in individuals having no money out-of-pocket for a hospital stay or out-patient surgery.  (Pays out once per calendar year).
  3. Prescription Plan – Allows an individual to receive over 330 of the most commonly prescribed drugs, for either $1 or for NOTHING! Includes a Prescription Assistance Program, plus, other cost-saving features.
  4. Physician Care – Customize your physician care preferences.  Options include:
    Basic Plan
    – Allows for physicians to treat you from head to toe virtually.  Individual inputs their symptoms on an app, and a physician specializing in that particular field provides treatment.  Unlimited utilization with no copays.  Also provides for mental health treatment.
    Plus Plan
    – For those who prefer to visit with a physician face-to-face.  Limited number of visits per year and also includes specialist visit and urgent care visits with a small co-pay.
    Premier Plan
     – Provides more physician face-to-face visits, and more specialist visits, and more urgent care visits.  All with a small co-pay.  Also includes ACA compliant preventative care covered at 100%.
  5. Wellness Program – Provides personalized one-on-one coaching for individuals in these areas: Diet & Nutrition, Fitness, Tobacco Cessation and Stress Management. Also, included is behavioral health coaching.
  6. Other Features – Major discounts on other medical services, provided identity theft, purchasing discounts, and travel, retail, and restaurants discounts, and more. The discount portion of the plan provides an average savings of $200 – $300 per month!

The Combo Plan, even with all its features, is substantially less than traditional health plans. In fact, the average Basic Plan costs less than $300 per month

Allow one of our representatives to show you how this program can not only save you and your family money, but also how to reduce your financial exposure.

To better serve you, please use one of the following options:

  1. 1. To book an appointment and learn more, please click the Appointment button below.
  2. 2. To speak with a representative between the hours of 9:00 and 6:00 EST call 877-243-6990.

Disclosure:  The Combo Plan utilizes a healthshare, which is not insurance.  All participants will be accepted as long as they agree with Member Guidelines.  Pre-existing conditions will not be shared for a period of 13 months and then a portion will be shared, unrelated medical conditions will be shared as usual.  Gap plan, doctor services and prescriptions services, are guaranteed issue and have no pre-existing clauses.