Our Mission

To provide true cost-effective benefit solutions which dramatically reduces employee financial risk and cost, while providing employer an avenue to substantially save on premium dollars.  To provide a positive financial impact on as many employees and their families as possible.  In the process of serving our client companies and its employees, maintain superior service with a large business mentality, while staying on the cutting edge of technology and benefit solutions.


Our clients trust us to advise them on true cost management for benefits as well as business services.  Our executive team brings perspective, expertise, and deep experience to employee benefits, executive solutions and business services management.  Whether your company is a Fortune 500 company, or a medium size firm, we are able to provide truly unique solutions to your benefit needs.

We assist our clients in turning the healthcare turmoil into an opportunity to save money while providing better benefits.  Our team of advisors help businesses succeed, while financially protecting the employees and their families.

Through partnering with SBC Benefits, you will have access to our highly experienced insurance professionals, who seek to provide innovations solutions to your benefits and professional needs.  We find the best solutions through listening, problem solving and collaborating with our client companies.

Our solution-focused commitment to meeting the unique needs of our clients assures the delivery of the most innovative products, services, and thinking in the industry.

We strive to provide exceptional and creative results for our clients.  Our advisors provide unique solutions through our passion to limit costs, while providing superior coverage.